Athra & Cie

Stage design, documentation and homepage

Athra & Cie is a French theater company based in Clermont-Ferrand and was founded in the year 1996 by Olvier Papot and Béatrice Chatron.

Project info

A-li-ce has worked for the French theater company Athra & Companie since 2011. She created the stage video for their shows „La chambre (noir)“, „Le Procès de Pinocchio“ and the music projekt „Lilit’up“.
In 2013, image.traffic created their new online presence and documented this year „Le Procès de Pinocchio“ during the theater festival in Avignon 2014.
Currently, A-li-ce is creating the stage video for their new play adapting the textes  „L’Adieu au Siècle“ and „Le Hêtre et le bouleau“ of the French author Camille de Toledo.

Photos of „Le Procès de Pinocchio“

Avignon, 2014

Web design

January 2014


Teaser „Le Proès de Pinocchio“

February 2013

Documentation „La Chambre (noire)“

December 2011