Galerie Patrick Ebensperger

Set-up, technical support and exhibition documentation.

The „Galerie Patrick Ebensperger“ is based in Berlin and shows regulary exhibitions from painting to video art.

Project info

Since 2012, we work for the Galerie Patrick Ebensperger in Berlin. As full service agency and with two masters in art studies, we provide to the gallery a professional service from the set-up to the documentation of exhibitions. We produce artist catalogues, document exhibitions and performances by photos and videos, bring in our knowledge in the planning and realisation of media-based exhibitions and even deliver sold goods to collectors, including the construction of transport boxes.

Wall construction for the exhibition „In Schönheit Auferstehen“

with Radu Belcin, Emmanuel Bornstein, GL Brierley, Ben Cove, Lennart Grau, Michael Kunze, Ernie Luley, Lee Marshall, Jonathan Meese, Flavia Pitis, Michael Samuels, Jürgen Teller, Markus Vater, Jo Wilmot. Curated by Bernd Wurlitzer.
May 2015

If we say that image.traffic is a full service agency combining a lot of different skills – we really mean it. If you need, we even build you some walls to hang your images. The construction is based on the drafts and design of the agency Wurlitzer Architekten.

Catalogue of the exhibition „Three women“

with Ilona Kálnoky, Bettina Krieg und Maria Thurn und Taxis. Curated by Mark Gisbourne.
July 2014


Technical direction and set-up for the media exhibition of the 8. Tanznacht Berlin

with videoworks by An Kaler & Anne Quirynen, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Bjørn Melhus, Meg Stuart, Penelope Wehrli.
August 2014


Video documentations of the exhibition „Stuff Works“ from David Moises

March 2014

Catalogue of the exhibition „Between Matter and Memory“

with Clemens Krauss, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Thomas Rentmeister. Curated by Mark Gisbourne.
December 2012